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Trevor Stubbs is the author of the books, Kicking Tree and Ultimate Justice.
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About the Author


Life is exciting! I get up to all sorts of things. Here are just a few of them.



I spend quite a lot of time at my desk writing and reading. I enjoy this – well most of it. I can’t say I get much pleasure out of the admin stuff but working on stories and the process of getting them to the point of publication is quite cool.


Young People

Young people are amazing. Listen to them.

I was a teenager in the 1960s when young people began to find their own voice. Many of our elders thought of us as reactionary and indisciplined. But sometimes – often – teenagers can see things as they really are and, when they speak out and stand up for what they believe in, can change the world. Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafzai are shining examples of this on the world stage but there are many others in their own communities that work to make a difference.

I want to empower young people.

We should leave room for their quick, perceptive minds to flourish and not attempt to put them down or belittle them. Hence my characters in my writing. It may be fantasy but the young people in the stories are not fantasy characters. Listen to them.

I am a volunteer with the local church youth group and get involved in stuff like Soul Survivor when thousands of teenagers get together to do their thing. It was a privilege to be involved even if I needed a week to recover after I got home! (Type in ‘Soul Survivor’ on YouTube to check it all out.) It was about worshipping to rock music, meeting loads of people from different places, queuing endlessly for showers and hearing that they matter to the God who frees them to be who they really can be.


Young people


South Sudan

Before I retired, I taught theology in Bishop Gwynne College in Juba. I still serve on the UK end of things, working towards the development of university education in South Sudan.

All profits from the sale of my books go to charity. My default charity is Confident Children Out Of Conflict. This project helps girls of all ages who are at risk. Most of them have been living on the streets in Juba. They come to the centre traumatised, abused, hungry and in ill-health. The centre takes them in, addresses their immediate problems, pays for them to go to school if they are of school age, gives them counselling, and, above all, love. Dedicated care is given by the project leader, Helen, and her team of volunteers that are both local and from around the world. The project is entirely dependent on the gifts of caring people. I give from the sale of my books; it is a drop in the ocean in South Sudan but it is changing the lives of a few girls whose future would otherwise be very bleak indeed.

If you have bought any of my books, thank you for contributing the these inspiring but desperate young girls. If you want to help these children, buy more books(!) – or you can send a donation either through me, or direct to:


Speaking Engagements
I am based near Bristol but I often travel around to talk mostly about my writing, South Sudan, or sticking up for young people. I will come and do a book signing in your bookshop, club or church or encourage other people wherever I can. As a retired vicar, I also fill in gaps when churches have vacancies or their clergy are on holiday. I turn up in all sorts of interesting places!

If you would like me to come and speak to your group or at your event, I would be pleased to receive an invitation. Distance is not usually a problem – I like an adventure and don’t seek expenses!


I am also available to join virtual meetings and events via Skype or Zoom. Contact me.

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