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Trevor Stubbs is the author of the books, Kicking Tree and Ultimate Justice.
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An anthology of illustrated short stories and poems on the theme of honest hope that does not deny the hard things. Here are pathways through suffering. There is no point in pretending that all is sweetness and light but neither should we ignore the possibility of light at the end of the tunnel.

There is a lot about young people here. Our years as children and teenagers are crucial; these pages urge us all to listen to them and put them at the centre of our society.

The Bible claims that the light of God seen in Jesus Christ shines in the darkness and the darkness has neither understood it nor put it out. These stories and poems are designed to direct us towards that light and the love and joy that goes with it from wherever we may find ourselves.

There are sections headed: Winning Through, Rainbows, Lockdown, Teenage Life, Families, A Wider World, Christmas and God and Creation.


The trilogy – one story in three parts.

Book 1 – On the Edge

Most people think that life for kids is somewhat predictable. Start secondary school, join a few clubs, pick up some music, hang out with your friends if you’re lucky enough to have any – it’s all planned out for you.

But imagine if all that just, kinda, flipped! Literally. Whether you like it or not, you find yourself sucked into a spooky grey existence before being dumped back into the world looking like a complete idiot.

And it goes on happening – “the fifth” …

Living on the edge, forced to leave home, school and friends, five teenagers – 5D survivors – become guinea-pigs in a mad professor’s clinic.

But is the Winterford Clinic all that it seems? Where does the American entrepreneur come in? And why are so many people wearing daisies?

Book 2 – Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon continues the story of Nadia, Tom, Alice, Hen and Roxanne, as they battle to survive both the 5D existence and the deadly traps that are being laid in this world.

Where will the multiplying dimensions of space and time take them? Cut off from everything they know, will the power of their friendship and the kindness they discover be enough? Or will the forces of darkness overcome them?

Beyond the Horizon takes us through “the fifth” into a zone no one could predict …

Book 3 – The Daisychain

In the third and final book of the Flip! series, the terrifying tale of five young people confronting a perfect storm in a multiplicity of dimensions reaches its climax.

Friendship, resilience and teamwork are the only weapons Nadia, Tom, Alice, Hen and Roxanne have in their armoury as they face an evil set on, not only destroying them, but dominating the globe.

Caught up in their plans and ambitions – or the challenges to them – grown-ups tend to forget the turmoil of their teenage years. But the battles fought here are some of the most important ones we will ever face because the success or otherwise over the powers of darkness in these years will determine how we overcome the darkness that pursues us into eternity …



The Kicking Tree

We begin our adventures with Jack and Jalli. Jack, an eighteen-year-old with a chip on his shoulder, is from Planet Earth – the English Midlands to be precise. Jalli aged seventeen, is one of only two members of the Rarga family to survive a catastrophic failure of a damn above her village on Planet Raika in the Jallaxa system in the Andromeda galaxy. They are brought together by mysterious white gates that unite their worlds with a lovely garden and a thatched cottage.

Jack and Jalli adventure together through thick and thin to forge a partnership that, not only benefits them, but many others as they find their white gates leading to yet new planets and situations.

Ultimate Justice

Race ahead twenty years and Jack and Jalli have teenagers of their own. These young people are unique. They may share the values of their parents, but otherwise they are quite different. Kakko, the eldest, is a feisty young woman, impatient and quick to act. She loves machinery. Shaun, whose greatest talent is playing in midfield on the football pitch, is rather introvert. Bandi is the thoughtful one – a philosopher at heart. These young people find their own white gates and adventures, and on the way make friends with a bevy of other new characters: Tam (Kakko’s long-suffering boyfriend), Dah (a singer/song-writer), Zoe (from the YWCA in Connecticut, USA), and Abby (a vicar’s daughter) to name a few.

Winds and Wonders

More adventures from our teenage friends and their family. Kakko somehow continues to find herself in some pretty hairy situations, dragging Tam along with her. Abby comes up against the immovable rock of authority in the form of her headteacher, while her family move house – an alarming prospect. Will her white gate at the bottom of her garden follow her? And all this against the background of exams. Meanwhile, Shaun finds a beautiful girlfriend – a different kind of adventure. How is that going to work out? And Jack and Jalli get way back to Jalli’s home town of Wanulka on Planet Raika with interesting consequences…

As they travel around the universe through their white gates into worlds old and new, they are wowed by the wonder of it all. They perceive the creating breath of the Creator – the ‘winds’. But, of course, that doesn’t stop them running up blind alleys where wonder and beauty are ignored, brushed aside or deliberately destroyed, as some people’s desire for power and control becomes paramount.

The Spark

It is Shaun that forms the backbone of this book. Noted for his footballing prowess, he is not the most outgoing member of his family and their friends, and yet he has his challenges to face every bit as much as Kakko or Abby.

But the book is not all about Shaun. Kakko develops her career in engines for spacecraft, but still manages to come within a hair’s breadth of meeting her end as she manages to find herself in some really dangerous places. They have a great time with Zoe in an exotic location on Planet Earth, while the family face challenges at home on Planet Joh that demand as much patience and resolve as they have ever had to call on elsewhere in their adventures. A mysterious spacecraft arrives with clues about an ancient past, and our heroes and heroines find themselves in conflict with computers that have taken over the world of some their former friends.

And the series ends where it all began …


Adventures with God.

Are you curious about God? Could it be that there is a real Creator that is offering us Light, Life and Love with capital ‘Ls’? If so how do we get to Him (or Her?) without having to learn centuries of religious culture and tradition first?’ Adventures with God’ is for those on the borders of faith or wanting to get to know God better. It is a little book to get adults of all ages started in faith and growing in wonder, hope and joy. It offers clues to cutting through the human ‘cover designs’ we create to find God behind them.
What is faith? Faith is ‘seeing through the veil’;it’s encountering the presence of a heavenly dimension with, around and underneath our everyday world and being warmed by the Love we discover there.”

Other Publications

WYSIWYG Christianity: Youth People & Faith in the 21st Century (The Listening People: 2005).

Suffering & the Presence of God (available to download free upon request from the author here).

“Sharing Ministry on a Red-brick Estate” in The Pastors’ Opportunities. Ed. Rodd, C.S. (T&T. Clark: 1989)

The Spark cover